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Smart EMS Pulse Anti Snoring Device

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Smart EMS Pulse Anti Snoring Device


The world’s most effective Anti Snoring Device

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a good night's sleep with our Smart EMS Pulse Anti-Snoring Device.

This innovative device not only stops snoring, but also helps you and your partner sleep peacefully through the night. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and experience the difference for yourself.

Anti-snoring device, use while sleeping

    Why Choose Our EMS Pulse Anti Snoring Device ?

    No mask, no hose, no strips Unlike many snore stopper devices, our Smart EMS Pulse Anti Snoring Device is ultra-lightweight, unobtrusive, and easy to use. Just place the conductive strip under the chin when sleeping and you won’t even notice it. Our Smart EMS Pulse Anti Snoring Device is a muscle stimulation technique snoring solution helping you solve snoring for good.

     More efficient snoring solution

     Fast stop snoring

     Smooth breathing

     Pulse therapy

    ✔ Safe and skin friendly

    ✔ No need medication and surgery

    ✔ For adults and kids

    ✔ Small and portable

    ✔ Reusable

    ✔ Comfortable to wear

    ✔ One button switch, easy to operate

    ✔ Magnetic charging and long-lasting life

    snore circle anti snoring device

    How This Device Works:

    Our Smart EMS Pulse Anti Snoring Device helps to make snoring a thing of the past. It precisely detects and identifies snoring sounds through its use of sound recognition technology. Through recognizing bone conduction it massages the respiratory muscles to help prevent snoring



    Premium Quality Materials: Our smart EMS pulse anti snoring device is made from the most advanced materials on the market today. They've been selected for one reason - performance. It's robust and durable, quite the opposite to the products available on the market today which are manufactured to be disposable

    Lightweight & Comfortable Design: With Smart EMS Pulse Anti Snoring Device you get effective snore relief in a tiny, lightweight, comfortable design. No uncomfortable headgear or chin straps required! Just attach it under your chin before you go to bed and you’ll barely even notice it’s there.

    Magnetic Electrode Patch: Made of medical-grade material, the hypo-allergenic Magnetic Electrode Patch is designed specifically to keep your anti snoring device in place all night long.

    USB Rechargeable Battery: Simply insert the anti snoring device USB charging cable in to the charging dock and place the device onto the dock. A flashing power light indicates the device is charging, while a steady light indicates charging is complete.

    Easy To Use: Place the adhesive pad under your chin. Turn on the Anti Snoring device and attach it to adhesive pad ,Enjoy a restful & quiet sleep

    Snore-Free, Hassle-Free, Stress-Free: Say goodbye to sleep apnea and snoring, the sleep-disrupting condition that keeps your partner awake and leaves you exhausted the next day. Snore Circle solves loud snoring and obstructive apnea by safely stimulating the muscles under the chin using EMA+TENS technology for fast, effective relief. Enjoy deep, quiet sleep and wake up refreshed and energetic!


    Why This Product Is Right For You:

    ✔️ 96% Success Rate: Rated as the most most comfortable and effective Snoring & OSA solution.

    ✔️ 95% Of Sleep Partners Report No Snoring: Eliminate snoring for you and your partner.

    ✔️ Instant Snore Relief: Engineered to effectively prevent snoring, so that you can enjoy a healthy sleep every night.

    ✔️ Most Advanced Snore Device Available: Snore Stopping Power. Effective, Comfortable, Light & Portable.


    • Size: 13 x 10 x 5 cm
    • Material: ABS+PC
    • Product Weight: 10g
    • Working Time: 15 hours
    • Pulse frequency: 53Hz±10%
    • Battery Capacity: 3.7V/80mAh

    Package Includes: 

    1x Anti Snoring Device

    5x Magnetic Electrode Patch

    1x USB Charging Cable

    1x Charging Base

    1x User Manual

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